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Simplicity Entertainment is middle Tennessee's newest full scale, professional event production and entertainment provider! With you, we will help you create Unforgettably FUN entertainment for events such as concerts, plays, dances, corporate and private events and more. Click Here to Check Our Availability

   Cookeville DJ's goal

Our goal is to provide the highest quality entertainment service anywhere. Great service does not just begin when the show starts, but long before. From the first phone call to the load out, we help you plan your event from start to finish! This will be YOUR event, YOUR way!

  Cookeville DJ's promise

We will do what YOU want, when YOU want it! We are a dedicated professional service, focusing on your needs and designing an event, made from scratch, just for you. Simplicity Entertainment is committed to the success of your event, no matter what it may be. We assist you in every aspect of planning, from conceptualization and design to production and management to event flow and beyond. Whether its entertainment related or not, we do our best to help you accomplish your goal.

   Cookeville DJ's service

Simplicity Entertainment is your “Simple” choice when seeking high quality and exciting event design and production or entertainment for your Cookeville area event. Whether you’re seeking sound for a band, lighting for an event, a DJ or karaoke, renting gear or just some training on your gear and more, Simplicity Entertainment can provide you with the absolute best service in middle Tennessee..

Please call us at 931.284.4699 or use our contact form to let us know how we can help you make your event unforgettable!



Home  |  Events & Services  |  F.A.Q.'S  |  Pics & Vids  |  Our Music  |  Contact Us  |  Client Area   

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